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Born in 1973, I became a Doctor of Jurisprudence with summa cum laude from the University of Ferrara in 1999  with a...

Avv. Nicola Canestrini

Born in 1922, Mr. Canestrini was a member of the Italian resistance force during the World War II. He has a...

Avv. Sandro Canestrini

Born in 1979, Mr. Giovani Guarini acts as italian defense lawyer since 2005 and is part of canestriniLex law firm...

Avv. Giovanni Guarini

Born in 1979, Mr. Alberto Turella acts as italian defense lawyer since 2007 and is part of canestriniLex law firm...

Avv. Alberto Turella

Born in 1978, Mr. Federico Massara acts as italian defense lawyer since 2007 and is part of canestriniLex law firm...

Avv. Federico Massara

Born in 1981, Ms. Lara Battisti acts as italian defense lawyer since 2007 and is part of canestriniLex law firm...

Avv. Lara Battisti
manuela biamonte bw

Born in 1979, Ms. Biamonte is admitted as italian defense lawyer since 2009 and is part of canestriniLex law firm...

Avv. Manuela Biamonte

The law firm ‘Studio Legale Canestrini’ was founded by Mr. Alessandro Canestrini in Rovereto (Italy, 1839 - 1894) more than 150 years ago.

The attorneys now working in the law firm’s Rovereto and Bolzano Offices, who are born between 1922 and 1979, form a unified legal team: each attorney concentrates his efforts on a single branch of law (tort, liability, contract, real estate, immigration, criminal law etc.) and operates under the responsability of Mr. Nicola Canestrini.

The size of our firm and its age structure enables us to offer highly specialized and individualized services for our clients, be they individuals, small enterprises or major companies. For this reason we intend to continue with natural growth as opposed to following the present trend of mergers.

Our attorneys practise in the following fields:

Criminal law: murder, assault, robbery, drug trafficking (sales, conspiracy, manufacturing), weapons charges, white collar crimes (fiscal and environmental offenses, money laundering, bribery and corruption, foreign trade offenses, product liability, criminal tributary and business law), immigration related crimes, smuggling, fraud (computer fraud, insurance and credit card fraud), domestic violence charges (including spousal abuse, child abuse, malicious punishment of a child, stalking, harassment and rape), other violent crimes (battery, manslaughter, manslaughter by reckless driving, drunk driving and other traffic violations), extradition law and international criminal law
Civil law: insolvency, security of performance of obligations, contracts and legal transactions, real estate, intellectual property, damages and liability, EU law/international law, succession, litigation/ADR, implementation and defence of civil rights (immigration), bankruptcy law, construction law.

As there are no restrictions on practicing as defence counsels with regard to regions or courts, we can act on behalf of our clients anywhere in Italy and in all courts: the office is willing to function as addressee for lawyers from other countries.